The tenderness of a camera

I do not think that Toni Fris­sell (actual­ly Antoi­net­te Fris­sell Bacon) got and gets the atten­ti­on she deserves.((Not even the coll­ec­tion she gave to the Libra­ry of Con­gress has been digi­ti­zed com­ple­te­ly yet.)) Almost all of the pho­tos of her I have seen are worth being loo­ked at a bit lon­ger. They are casu­al and tho­rough­ly com­po­sed at the same time, seem easy and snapshot-like some­ti­mes and yet have some extra lay­ers that add to their impact. They brea­the a spe­cial ten­der­ness and empa­thy that is hard to achie­ve when you try to force it.

Toni Fris­sell, sit­ting, hol­ding came­ra on her lap, with seve­ral child­ren stan­ding around her, some­whe­re in Euro­pe, 1945.

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