Rack for UV-lamp

A decent UV-lamp is essen­ti­al when you want to make prints in alter­na­ti­ve pro­ces­ses — zia­ty­pe,  van Dyke, cya­no­ty­pe etc. I use a face tan­ner made by Phil­ips for this pur­po­se. I always wan­ted a stand for it. Today I spent some time in the shed and final­ly built the rack, recy­cling some mate­ri­al I alre­a­dy had: an old desk­top-work­p­la­te, two led­ges of beech-wood, a 14mm rod. The ground-pla­te is 550x650 mm. The width is given by the width of the lamp-casing, which is 350 mm in my case. That may vary of cour­se. My lamp had two holes in the housing alre­a­dy, so I sim­ply used the­se to make the moun­ting. The design is so simp­le that I think the pic­tures say it all. If not, feel free to ask. Two heights are pos­si­ble (more if nee­ded). All is san­ded and assem­bled, will be coa­ted tomorrow.

Next I will build a prin­ting-frame. Not exact­ly essen­ti­al, as a glass pane direct­ly on the ground pla­te of the rack would do the job, but nice to have. 😉


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  • Hel­lo my fri­end, it’s been quite a while, I’m glad to know you are ok, I was a bit sur­pri­se when saw the grain­works site down, but well, it good to know you’­ve kept bus­sy. Do you intend to keep grain­works or do I have to visit this blog to catch up ? Loo­king good by the way. Congrats.

    • Hey Jor­ge,
      well, some­ti­mes it needs a fresh start. I’ll pro­ba­b­ly keep the domain, but will not use it for a blog or some­thing. You can find me here or on FB.
      Hope you’­re doing well!

      • I know what you mean, a fresh start is a good thing. I guess I’ll see you around here, I’m still out of face­book, and have to say it’s been quite nice to be that way. Take care, see you soon!

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